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Original Text (Annotation: EAW002991 / 1416157)

' This aircraft, registered G-AFCI, was the first of three S.26 ‘G-Class’ flying-boats built by Short Brothers at Rochester and first flown on the 21st July 1939. She was named ‘Golden Hind’, the others being ‘Golden Fleece’ (G-AFCJ, broke up off Cape Finisterre, 20th June 1941) and ‘Golden Horn’ (G-AFCK, lost after an engine fire at Lisbon, 9th January 1943). Golden Hind was returned from military service to BOAC in December 1941 and was retired in 1947. She was scrapped due to hull damage sometime after running aground off Harty Ferry whilst on tow to a new anchorage. Source: Wikipedia, Short S.26 See also image EAW025086 for the aircraft at Short's factory at Rochester in 1947. '