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Original Text (Annotation: EAW043289 / 1404045)

' Vauxhall Wyvern Saloon (LIX). The Vauxhall Wyvern is a medium-sized family car introduced by Vauxhall in 1948 as a successor to the Vauxhall 12. The name comes from the mythical beast the wyvern, and may be due to a misidentification of the heraldic griffin on the Vauxhall badge. The L series Vauxhall Wyvern along with the Velox were Vauxhall's first post-war new models; incorporating American influence, it started production in September 1948 and finished in July 1951. Many of these went for export to help the British economy. The Wyvern was fitted with a 1442 cc four-cylinder engine with 35 bhp with a top speed of 62 mph. The optional extras available were a radio/heater/foglight. These vehicles are forgotten classics with very few surviving. '