EPW031462 ENGLAND (1930).  Western Circus, East Acton, 1930


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    Pennawd [EPW031462] Western Circus, East Acton, 1930
    Cyfeirnod EPW031462
    Dyddiad February 1930
    Enw lle EAST ACTON
    Gwlad ENGLAND
    Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 521563,  180907
    Hydred / Lledred -0.24794575159479,  51.51351052631
    Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol TQ216809
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     Look! No Road Markings! The first ever road markings that were seen in the UK were in 1918 and the first ever was the famous white line. During the 1920s the rise of painted lines on UK roads grew dramatically but it was not until 1926 that official guidelines of where and how white lines on roads should be used, were introduced. The official word, on what white lines should be used for was carried out by the First Ministry of Transport in 1926. During the next decade the 30s white lines were used as “stop” lines, at junctions and the traffic flow was controlled by police or traffic lights at these intersections on the road network.

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    Billy Turner
    Tuesday 20th of June 2017 09:52:51 PM
     Du Cane Road

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    Monday 4th of May 2015 07:51:00 PM
     "Coming soon...The SAVOY Cinema".

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    Saturday 18th of October 2014 08:32:27 PM
     The Western

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    Mike H
    Friday 24th of January 2014 09:53:49 PM
    spent many a happy day in the western .great memories .

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    Thursday 7th of January 2016 12:56:28 PM

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    Mike H
    Friday 24th of January 2014 09:52:59 PM

    Mike H
    Friday 24th of January 2014 09:51:45 PM