EPW024131 ENGLAND (1928). Exeter Mental Hospital, Exeter, 1928

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Pennawd [EPW024131] Exeter Mental Hospital, Exeter, 1928
Cyfeirnod EPW024131
Dyddiad September-1928
Enw lle EXETER
Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 295806, 91233
Hydred / Lledred -3.475906943253, 50.710806872196
Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol SX958912


I think that this could be the original site of St Bridgett Nurseries.

Allen T
Friday 20th of December 2013 03:32:26 PM
Detail on EPW024107

Allen T
Sunday 9th of June 2013 06:23:55 PM
The four large towers and the main building frontage has been retained and converted into flats with housing surrounding the whole building.

Allen T
Wednesday 19th of December 2012 02:42:46 PM
Whole estate now known as Clyst Heath.

Allen T
Wednesday 19th of December 2012 02:41:30 PM

Allen T
Wednesday 19th of December 2012 02:40:55 PM
What a pity the photo doesn't cover the area slightly to the left (west) of Russell Way to show the embryonic road that become the notorious Exeter By Pass, always clogged up during each summer until the M5 was built!

Allen T
Friday 20th of December 2013 01:19:49 PM
Digby Hospital. The former Exeter Mental Hospital now converted into flats with modern housing and retail developments in the fields around it.

Allen T
Wednesday 19th of December 2012 02:40:24 PM
The Lodge. Still standing now a private house with the entrance gates still here.

Allen T
Wednesday 19th of December 2012 02:29:20 PM
Exeter Mental Hospital which became Digby Hospital in 1949 and housed patients suffering with mental health and psychiatric problems. Now a modern housing estate and apartments renamed Clyst Heath.

Allen T
Sunday 30th of September 2012 06:59:17 PM

Cyfraniadau Grŵp

Played cricket on the pitch when it was still a hospital in the 70s.

Later lived in the Tower House, North Grange (picture attached)

Dr John P. Salvatore
Saturday 1st of August 2015 06:56:37 PM
Exeter City Asylum - Exe Vale (Digby) hospital

Queen Anne style buildings by Robert Stark Wilkinson, 1886. Became Digby Hospital in 1949 after joining the NHS. Later merged with Exminster and Wonford house as Exe Vale hospital. Closed in 1987 and now converted to housing.

Dan Gregory
Tuesday 3rd of June 2014 09:17:13 PM