EPW019846 ENGLAND (1927). The Tynemouth Gas Company Gas Works, North Shields, 1927

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Pennawd [EPW019846] The Tynemouth Gas Company Gas Works, North Shields, 1927
Cyfeirnod EPW019846
Dyddiad October-1927
Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 434923, 567755
Hydred / Lledred -1.4539624459875, 55.00306520954
Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol NZ349678


Christ Church

Saturday 13th of June 2020 09:50:19 PM
Queen Victoria School

Saturday 13th of June 2020 09:49:13 PM

Saturday 13th of June 2020 09:48:25 PM
Christ Church Vicarage

Saturday 13th of June 2020 09:47:17 PM
Cardonel Street where I grew up at No10. During the summer one set of mothers would take all the children to Tynemouth beach in the morning, freeing up the others to do their house work. Then they would come down and take over whilst the others would go home and do their work.

Wednesday 14th of August 2019 08:49:39 PM
Electrified third rail track, the North Tyneside loop out and back from Newcastle central.

John Wass
Wednesday 28th of January 2015 09:58:18 PM

Sunday 7th of December 2014 07:03:03 PM
Howdon road allotments. Most folk in the Ridges and indeed the Howdon Road area had a small piece of England to grow their prize leeks or just vegetables for the family. I knew one or two who raced pigeon's from here. The area now is a sports centre and the once thriving Smith's Park is a council nursery school.

Mr Tynesider
Friday 27th of June 2014 03:17:06 PM
Hylton Street coal yard. The coal would arrive by train (as everything did then) and all manner of lorries, vans and indeed hand and horse drawn carts would load up and start there rounds to supply the fuel to just about every household in the area.

Mr Tynesider
Friday 27th of June 2014 03:12:30 PM
Gas works, as I was growing up North Shields I remember the gas works not because of the odour but the size of the walls that surounded it. I was just a small boy but those walls looked huge to me. I recall it's demolition back in the 70's the land was rebuilt as a school a replacement for the 'Western Board school that had been nearbye. The school was only in use a short while when it was discovered there was minerals in the ground that could have been harfull to the children so the school closed and the building demolished and the harmfull soil removed prior to the school being rebuilt.

Mr Tynesider
Wednesday 4th of June 2014 11:08:48 AM