Adrodd fel Amhriodol

Testun Gwreiddiol (Anodiad: EAW043425 / 960297)

' At 07:53 on Friday, 16th June 1944, a V1 slammed into Reginald Square, killing twenty-two people.Often (wrongly) touted as the first Buzz-bomb to hit Deptford*, this V1 struck in the heart of Reginald Square, landing in the Square itself and became one of the most destructive of the entire campaign. The entire square of small terraced houses, built in 1870, collapsed from the explosion and the damage further extended into Deptford High Street, Deptford Bridge, Deptford Church Street and a number of small turnings nearby. The Odeon on Deptford Broadway was so badly damaged it had to close. Of the dead, seventeen were killed outright, while a further five died later of their injuries in the nearby Miller Hospital. The ARP damage log also noted: ‘Nearly every shop in Deptford High Street was damaged, with the destruction spreading to the Broadway, Deptford Church Street and Deptford Bridge... The All Clear didn’t sound until 9:23 am, after ten hours of bombardment, but at 9:46 am the sirens blared a fresh warning; and again at 1pm 2pm and 3pm’. The area between Reginald Road and Frankham Street was subsequently cleared apart from the school which received minor damage. * It was actually the second. The first one to hit Deptford fell earlier that day (about midnight)on no 85 Albyn Road, killing two people and causing extensive damage. '