Adrodd fel Amhriodol

Testun Gwreiddiol (Anodiad: EPW035172 / 407895)

' The train engine is a Royal Scot Class 3 cylinder 4-6-0 locomotive, rated at 6P. This class was built between 1927 and 30, one batch by the North British Locomotive Company and the final twenty by the LMS it own works in Derby. The distinctive parallel boiler is seen well here. In 1933 one of the class visited the Century of Progress Exhibition in Chicago, assuming the identity of 6100 Royal Scot, which, along with a bell on the front footplate, remained with engine for the rest of its working life. As is normal railway practice, the smaller engine is in front of the larger engine. The Compound is clearly steaming well and producing clean white exhaust (mostly steam) as it is not being fired at the time. We can seen both the driver and the fireman watching the 'road' ahead. The Royal Scot is also in good steam, with just a wisp of spare steam coming from the safety valve. However, the greater protection offered by the more modern cab on this locomotive makes it difficult to see the activity on the footplate. '