Essential maintenance

HES is currently undertaking essential maintenance on our web services. This will limit access to services in the following ways:


- Subscription access for HES online services will be unavailable (Scran, NCAP)

- Image purchasing options will be limited (Canmore, Britain from Above, Scran, NCAP)

- Any enhanced services which require a log in will be unavailable (My Canmore, Britain from Above contributions, Scran contribute)


General access to these services will all continue. Enquiries will still be able to be submitted.

We anticipate services to be restored from Monday 1st February 2021.

Adrodd fel Amhriodol

Testun Gwreiddiol (Anodiad: EPW000347 / 181175)

' Cliff Casemates Balcony, Secret Wartime Tunnels Entrance, Dover Castle, Kent, UK. Casemates Balcony, located 50 feet or so below the cliff-top, is where Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Field Marshall Jan Smuts (alt. Field Marshal) were photographed during World War II. The cliff tunnels the balcony gives access to are much older, of course, and were begun in 1797 by Colonel William Twiss, the Commanding Engineer of the Southern District, as part of his brief to improve the town's defences during the Napoleonic Wars with France. The first troops were accommodated in 1803, and at the height of the Napoleonic Wars, the tunnels housed more than 2,000 men: to date they are the only underground barracks ever built in Britain. More information at: '